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The software-based file backup solution for Business

The File Backup Solution for Business

Recall is a software-based file backup solution that works on Windows, Apple Mac and Linux, with a plugin also available for Synology storage. Recall backs up your valuable files, preventing data loss through human error, corruption, theft, viruses, hardware faults and other threats.

SQL Server and complete system backups

Recall offers bolt-on options (additional charges apply) to backup applications such as SQL servers and carry out complete system backups (referred to as Image Backup). These features support full recovery in the event of complete machine failure.

Disaster Recovery

From ransomware to floods, there are many potential dangers to your business. A determined hacker could encrypt your documents, preventing you from accessing them. You’re at the mercy of others too - if there’s a gas leak in a neighbouring property or a terrorist incident nearby, you may not be able to get to your office or your computer. Other potential disasters include fire and power failure. Your voice services could also be affected.

Our disaster recovery services will get you back on your feet, whatever the cause.


Growing choice of cloud backup locations

CloudConnX currently offer backups to East Sussex, London and the Netherlands. Overseas locations employ third party infrastructure controlled by us.

Features of Recall Backups:

Flexible Scheduling

Backup scheduling is far more flexible.

Deduplicated Backup Data

With Recall Backups, backed up data is deduplicated. This means that files that appear in multiple locations on your devices are only backed up once but remain available to all of the devices on which they reside. This makes for better backup performance and saves space in the backup locations.

Secure Encryption

With Recall Backups data is fully encrypted both in flight and at rest in all locations where it is stored.

Pooled backup storage

Backup storage is pooled, meaning that additional devices (i.e. laptops) requiring protection can be added to the account and share the backup storage.

Daily email reports

Daily email reports provide at a glance status information. Furthermore, the Recall web based portal provides greater insights to backup performance.

Backup different content at different times

Multiple policies can be created per machine to enable protection of selected content to be backed up at different times.

Local and off-site backups as standard

Recall supports local as well as off-site backups as standard. For example, backups can be scheduled to run to a local USB or network drive in addition to off-site. This allows for even faster restores and further flexibility with backups, i.e. some content can be stored locally for free instead of being sent off site to chargeable storage.

Continuous updates

The software that drives Recall Backups is heavily influenced by the experiences we have and those of our customers. Updates are created typically on a weekly development cycle and are applied to our platforms monthly after testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Why should I consider recall over other backup products?
Recall offers a simple, automated, and highly versatile solution to backup your entire IT estate. Unlike many other solutions, a wide choice of backup locations are offered including UK mainland and on premise.